Find answers in the following frequently asked questions.

How do I transfer my new contacts from my .csv file to my email marketing platform?

Email marketing platforms typically offer an ‘import contact’ feature that allows you to upload your new contacts from a .csv file directly to your contacts list.

EmailCollect recommends visiting the Support section of your specific email marketing platform and following the provided instructions for detailed guidance on this process.

How do I protect my guest’s personal information?

We at EmailCollect strongly recommend that our members use the services of a reputable Email marketing platform.

Become familiar with the relevant laws that govern the handling of personal information to ensure you know how to store you .csv files correctly.

Will EmailCollect be using the contacts collected for their own marketing purposes?

No! EmailCollect will not, and can not, make use of your contacts. The purpose of EmailCollect is to collect contact details and make them available to the appropriate EmailCollect Member. A Member’s STR guest has provided their explicit consent to receive contact exclusively from that Member for the purpose of marketing. Consent is protected by various privacy laws worldwide, and EmailCollect is fully committed to adhering to these laws. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Why is it necessary to provide WiFi information for my subscription?

Before you subscribe to an EmailCollect subscription for a Short-Term Rental (STR), it’s important to prepare the following WiFi information for each subscription:

  1. WiFi Name ID: This could be something like ‘SPIRE 9901’.
  2. WiFi Network Name (SSID): This is the name that appears in the list of available networks.
  3. WiFi Password: The password required to connect to your WiFi network.

This information is crucial as we need to provide it to your guests after they share their contact details with you.
Pro Tip: To enhance guest confidence, consider naming your WiFi network in a way that reflects your location. This can make the network more recognisable and trustworthy for your guests.

While EmailCollect provides general guidance, it’s important to consult the regulations of the country in which you operate your short-term rental (STR) business. In countries like Australia and many others, it is typically within your rights as an STR host to request your customers (guests) contact details. However, it’s essential to respect your guests’ rights as well. They have the right to request the removal of their contact information from your contact list.
We recommend familiarising yourself with the specific legal requirements and guidelines in your country to ensure compliance with local regulations regarding guest contact information. By doing so, you can strike a balance between maintaining necessary communication and respecting your guests’ privacy preferences.
If you have further questions or concerns regarding this matter, it’s advisable to consult legal professionals or relevant authorities who can provide specific guidance based on your location and individual circumstances. Please note that the information provided here is general in nature, and it’s always important to seek advice tailored to your specific jurisdiction and situation.

Why do I have to go through a verification process for my free membership?

We understand that the verification process for your free membership might seem like an extra step, but it’s an important part of ensuring an environment that complies with our legal obligations. By verifying your identity, we can provide more transparency, maintain the integrity of our platform, and prevent fraudulent activities. You can find further information in our Security Policy and Practices.

We want one annual bill, so can I prorate a new property subscription to match the billing cycle of our other property subscriptions?

Not yet. This is our first item in the to-do list. Once implemented, after your initial property subscription, for all subsequent subscriptions you will be able to prorate subscriptions to synchronise with your billing cycle.

If I renew a property subscription, can it be prorated?

No. When we implement prorated subscriptions, you will only be able to prorate a new property subscription. A renewed subscription will be subject to the billing cycle it is already in.

Why doesn’t EmailCollect allow us to pause a subscription?

EmailCollect is aware of the seasonal nature of many short-term rentals (STRs) and understands that subscriptions may not be utilized for the full 12 months. In consideration of this, we have incorporated the seasonal aspect of STRs into our business model. Instead of requiring our members to frequently pause/un-pause their subscriptions or specify start and end dates for each property’s season, we have calculated the average STR season and evenly distributed our monthly fee over a 12-month period. This approach ensures a fair and convenient billing structure for our members.

Is an EmailCollect property subscription tax deductible?

Yes, as a legitimate business expense, EmailCollect subscriptions are tax deductible. Please see your tax accountant for more details.

Should I start a subscription at the end of a financial year (EOFY) or at the beginning?

This decision depends on your business model and current financial situation. EmailCollect is not in a position to provide such advice and you may need to consult with the appropriate specialist when making this decision.

Can I update my property details or do I need to start a new subscription?

Yes, you can easily update your property details. Edit your property details, such as Property name, Wi-Fi name, and Wi-Fi password, through your Member dashboard. Log in then:

  1. Go to the Orders section in you Membership Dashboard
  2. Select ‘View‘ for the property you wish to update.
  3. Scroll down to the section to ‘Edit [property name] details‘.
  4. Make a change to the required fields.
  5. Select ‘Save fields‘.

You will need to reprint your Print-ready PDF ONLY if you edited the ‘Property name’ field. Your previous QR Code image is still usable as is, so there is no need to update your branded materials with the new QR Code.

Can I change my business name?

Yes, you can easily update your business name in the Account details section of your Membership dashboard.
While your business name is not used as your ID, it plays an important role in providing transparency to your guests. Privacy laws emphasize that personal information, such as contact details, should not be solicited for unclear purposes. Therefore, it is crucial to provide your business name in a format that clearly communicates to your guests who they are sharing their contact details with.
Helping your guests have a clear understanding of the entity they are subscribing to meets industry standard. For more information, please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy where you can find details regarding APP and GDPR compliance.

My property’s PDF or QR Code image is missing, what do I do?

If your QR Code or print-ready PDF is missing from the Downloads section of your Membership dashboard, you can try the following steps:

  1. Go to the Orders section in you Membership Dashboard and select ‘View‘ for the property with the missing downloads.
  2. Scroll down to the section to ‘Edit [property name] details‘.
  3. Make a change to the ‘Property name‘ field.
  4. Select ‘Save fields‘. (this should regenerate your documents)
  5. Go back to your Downloads section; your files should be available, now.

If your files are still not available, please contact EmailCollect, immediately, through the link provided in the footer of your subscription email.